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The Industrial Mission Association (IMA) is a British network of over 300 practitioners engaged in workplace chaplaincy mission.

The IMA enables and supports Workplace Chaplaincy Mission with resources, conferences and training.  The IMA can advise churches, chaplains and workplaces in good chaplaincy practice.

Are you an individual, business or church looking for a chaplain?

Are you a chaplain looking for resources?

Are you looking deeper to see the link between faith and work?

Workplace Chaplaincy Mission typically provides a workplace with pastoral care, a sense of community, an independent perspective and linkage to local groups. Chaplaincies respect faith differences and do not attempt to proselytise. This is a ministry authorised by churches, but based in different host organisations.

Membership of the IMA is open to all people engaged in workplace chaplaincy mission and those interested in supporting the activities of the Association. The IMA has members from all reaches of the Christian Church are found in various workplaces: eg retail, transport, industry (SME, heavy industrial, motor, energy, science and research), as well as in the service sector (eg  public sector, sport and leisure, HM Courts service, Fire and Rescue and Police Services), social enterprises and in some education areas (eg Further Education). Many chaplains are also involved with the Civic Centres of towns and cities and also with social, economic and faith regeneration projects.

We relate to national church representatives and other networks of chaplains – e.g. Armed Services, Universities, and Hospitals.  The Association is also a resource for the wider Church and Society, as it engages with issues associated with working and economic life of the nation. The IMA can support  churches wishing to develop the faithful life of Christians at work.

Established during the 1960’s, the IMA and its members have maintained an uninterrupted and vital church presence in workplaces throughout the UK, and continues to do so today.

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