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The Industrial Mission Association (IMA) is the only national ecumenical network for practitioners engaged in workplace chaplaincy/mission.  Membership is open to all people engaged in workplace chaplaincy/mission and those interested in supporting the activities of the Association.

The purpose of the Association is to support and resource workplace chaplains through networking, training, publication and biennial conferences.

The Association is also a resource for the wider Church as it engages with issues associated with working and economic life of the nation.
Established during the 1960’s, the IMA and its members have maintained an uninterrupted and vital church presence in workplaces throughout the UK, and continues to do so today.  Members of the Association are found in heavy industry, the motor industry, the transport industry, the retail industry, the oil industry, the energy industry, the science and research industry, the sport and leisure industry, public sector services such as HM Courts service, Further Education Colleges, Fire and Rescue Services and Police Services.  Many chaplains are also involved with the civic centres of towns and cities and also with social and economic regeneration projects.

To find out what is going on in various parts of the UK please click on the ‘Chaplaincy near me’ tab.

Drawing on its foundation of knowledge and experience, the IMA also offers a three module training package for new practitioners.  Taking three major areas for chaplaincy as a learning context, (Heavy Industry, Retail industry and City/Town Centre civic engagement) each module designed to help chaplain’s develop a deeper understanding of workplace chaplaincy/mission, the context in which the chaplain operates, reflective practice and chaplaincy skills.  Participants can opt for all three modules or simply take a single module.  To find out more please use the contact us details.

You can join the Industrial Mission Association by downloading the application form below.


    • Web link on previous tweet not working. For details of 2014 IMA conference please go the IMA homepage and click on Events.,
    • Details of 2014 IMA conference published today. Click onto and then the events tab to find out.,
    • The National Executive Committee of the IMA meets on 23 September. New Moderator Randell Moll will chair the meeting. ,
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